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Handy checklist for buying a home

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First-time buyers should follow the following tips when looking for a home, says Grant Smee, managing director of Only Realty.

Location: Choose an easily accessible area that’s either established or upcoming.

Security: Be mindful of safety and security when making your purchase – this can have a significant impact on the resale value and the experience of living in the home.

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Exterior: Spend extra to get a valuer to check your potential purchase. Make sure the plumbing and electrics are working perfectly (internally and externally). They also need to make sure the roof, exterior walls and foundations are intact. Repairs could become very costly.

Interior: Check for sun exposure, suitably sized bedrooms and easily accessible and functional kitchen and bathroom areas.

Parking: Make sure that there is ample parking for guests and covered parking for yourself. Renewable energy and signal: Solar heating and generators are key purchasing factors for some home buyers. Be sure to check for signal strength and fibre connections, where possible.

Storage: Make sure there is enough storage space or at least enough space for you to buy a few more drawers and cupboards if needed.

Kitchen: Check that the appliances work, there’s enough space for your appliances, sufficient storage space and that everything is accessible.


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