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Rental agents: Worthwhile cost

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Flat average rental growth rates, paired with increasing numbers of high-risk tenants, have led many landlords to rethink using a rental agent.

After all, it can be tough to justify extra costs on an investment when it isn’t delivering the kind of growth you’re used to, says Jacqui Savage, national rental manager for the Rawson Property Group.

“Ironically though, these tight economic times are when rental agents can really be worth their weight in gold.”

She says today’s tenants are far more assertive on the rental negotiation front and are willing to fight for every hard-earned cent they will need to hand over in rent.

With an experienced agent on your side you are less likely to accept a figure below the going market rate.

“Having access to a rental agent’s network and tenant pool also means you’re likely to place a tenant faster. In combination, those two factors alone can literally save you thousands.”

Furthermore, professional incoming, interim and outgoing inspections are far more successful at ensuring any damages are covered by the tenant in full.


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