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Pros of Chris Hani Road

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Pros of Chris Hani Road


The developments have easy access to the N2 and N3 national freeways, while the upgrading of North Coast Road into a dual carriageway in both directions as well as the reconfiguration of the on and off ramps from the N2 have significantly eased traffic congestion in the area. There are also numerous taxi route providers working throughout the neighbourhood. 

Signage and street frontage 

The development designs means tenants and owners have substantial street frontage and thus excellent road visibility for company signage and advertising. 


Within a 5km radius of the area are numerous residential neighbourhoods catering for every income group and residential demand. This means there will be a supply of labour who are not incurring unduly extensive transport costs between work and home, as well as properties attracting managerial and senior executive positions. 


The benefit of a variety of businesses operating within a confined space allows for the dynamic whereby the sum of the parts is greater than the whole – the different businesses have the opportunity to feed off each other, generating turnover from their individual abilities to draw customers to the area for different reasons.



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