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PRETORIA: Our insider’s guide to Bronkhorstspruit

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Competitive prices on a broad range of properties from sectional title units to farms make this a good prospect for investors. The area is an easy commute to Pretoria and has essential amenities including schools, creches, parks, malls and places of

At only 57km from Pretoria Central, Bronkhorstspruit is well within normal commute times for homeowners who prize a quiet and laid-back lifestyle in a small town with a big heart.

Easy access to the N4 which connects Bronkhorstspruit with Emalahleni (Witbank) and Pretoria, as well as a host of essential amenities such as schools, creches, parks, malls and places of worship, make Bronkhorstspruit a real residential contender, says Peter Mokwana, principal for Seeff Jakaranda. 

“Bronkhorstspruit may be overshadowed by Witbank and Middelburg but it is situated near the border of Gauteng with Mpumalanga, and offers an excellent alternative to prospective investors who want to take advantage of the competitive prices and laid-back lifestyle the town offers,” says Mokwana.

Overall prices range from about R350 000 for a two-bedroom sectional title, all the way to R7m for upmarket properties in secure estates. There are also farms which offer huge returns on capital investment. – Peter Mokwana, Principal Seeff Jakaranda Picture: Supplied

The numerous properties listed for sale in the area including smallholdings and farms at competitive prices, he says. There are developed farms marked at about R2 million and one modernised three-bedroom home in Bester was marked at just R700 000, a price one could expect to pay for a two-bedroom sectional title unit in the cities.

“Bronkhorstspruit offers a wide variety of properties, from two-bedroom sectional title properties, for mainly young couples with no children and first time-home buyers, to three-bedroom units for the more affluent client,” says Mokwana.

However, he cautions that although the many listed properties translate into a huge variety for prospective buyer to choose from, it also prolongs average sale periods.

Slowed real estate activity and a generally subdued economy were contributing to a reduction in sales and rental volumes in Bronkhorstspruit and other places. For Mokwana, the subdued market meant an opportune time for the canny investor to make a purchase, wait for things to improve, and reap good returns.

“Overall prices range from about R350 000 for a two-bedroom sectional title all the way to R7m for upmarket properties in secure estates. There are also farms which offer huge returns on capital investments for buyers who want to experience a different lifestyle.”

Prices vary, depending on the suburb – properties in Bronkhorstbaai, for instance, could cost about 10% more than other areas. Erasmus, Masada, Riamar Park and Cultura Park are the other extensions of suburban Bronkhorstspruit. Mokwana banks on sectional title sales having a positive impact on the town and its lifestyle: “Given the many enquiries we get from all over the country regarding properties in this area, Bronkhorstspruit is the place for the future.” 

Some in Bronkhorstspruit’s realty sector noted the termination of a local contract at Eskom’s Kusile power station had also reduced custom. They were, however, optimistic the political stabilisation anticipated in the aftermath of next month’s general election would see the local housing market stabilise.

Keletso Maubane’s favourite places and things to do 

I’ve been a resident for the past 16 years and I like it here. I work in Pretoria East and it’s fairly easy to drive to work, depending on the traffic. There are lots of shopping places – we have a Shoprite centre, a Spar centre and a Pick n Pay centre, just to name the more popular. I also like the beauty of the place and the many open spaces that make you feel free. Keletso Maubane, resident Picture: Supplied

1 Nan Hua Temple

This magnificent structure is reportedly the largest Buddhist temple and seminary in Africa. 27 Nan Hua Road, Cultura Park, Bronkhorstspruit. 013 931 0009 

2 Happy Tavern

A very popular and vibey pub. 64 Lanham Street, Bronkhorstspruit. 066 246 5571

3 Bronkhorstspruit Public Library

I love reading and, until recently, this was my favourite hangout on Fridays. From thrillers and entrepreneurial manuals to business books, there’s lots you can read. Botha Avenue and Mark Street, Bronkhorstspruit. 013 932 6350.

4 Bronkhorstspruit Dam

Popular for water sport activities, fishing and camping.

5 Red Moon Bistro & Pub

This is a chilled venue which serves great food and has a nice ambience. It’s an ideal spot for winding down after a hard day at work or on the weekend. 55 Lanham Street, Erasmus, Bronkhorstspruit. 081 759 5405

Red Moon Bistro & Pub has great food. Picture: John Makoni

6 Bronkhorstspruit Golf Club

18-hole course. 2 Eland Street, Bronkhorstspruit. 013 932 3940


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