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Places of interest in Kalk Bay

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Places of interest in Kalk Bay

1 Eating out

Kalk Bay is famous for its eateries including Kalky’s, top left, for fish ’n chips (021 788 1726); Olympia Cafe for meals, coffee and croissants (021 788 6396); Cape to Cuba for Caribbean cuisine (021 788 1566); and The Brass Bell for pub grub right on the ocean (021 788 5455). There are  newer venues, including Lekker (021 788 3424), Italian eatery Sartori (021 788 1123), and the Courtyard Cafe which serves a selection of salads, vegetarian and vegan dishes (021 788 1691).

2 Theatre

Set in a converted church on the Main Road, the Kalk Bay Theatre, centre left, is small, but often hosts top performers and acclaimed plays. It has a restaurant upstairs for pre-show meals and post-show drinks. State Fracture runs until October 28, 021 788 7257.

I like Kalk Bay because it is familiar to me. I lived here in the early 1980s, when my rent
was R180 a month. It has become much more trendy since then, but the community is warm
and everyone gets along. I’ve known these faces for 35 years. Real plusses are being able to walk to the tidal pools for a swim all summer, good cheap fish, great shops and an array of exotic watering holes. Negative? The traffic has gone crazy. – Musician Robin Auld
Picture: Tracey Adams/ANA

3 Shopping

Kalk Bay has a huge variety of art and craft galleries, bookshops, boho boutiques, and antique stores. 

4 Outdoors

There are hiking trails in the mountains behind Kalk Bay and St James where you can wander through fields of pelargoniums, admire the views and even explore caves. Setting off from the Echo Valley sign on Boyes Drive, Boomslang Cave is a relatively easy cave to access, and great for novices.

5 Buy dinner off the boat 

In the harbour, just after lunch time, you can buy fresh fish or crayfish straight off the boats.

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