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Places of interest and things to do in Simon’s Town

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Places of interest and things to do in Simon's Town

1 Outdoors

The sea here is warmer
than on the Atlantic side, and as with
most of False Bay, the town is a watersports
paradise, top left, with surfing, swimming,
sunbathing, kayaking, yachting and
boat charters, and even deep sea fishing.
There are also hiking trails. 
2 Beaches 
Seaforth is protected from
the wind and offers safe swimming
and snorkelling. Boulders is home to a
penguin colony, centre left, and its protected
beach operated by SANParks charges an
entry fee. Telephone 021 786 2329. 
As a training manager at the South African Navy, this is the home of the People’s Navy. I
would say that, of course, but there is so much more to Simon’s Town. Ironically most naval
personnel can’t afford to buy here. I’ve been living and working in this area for about 35
years. It has lovely historic buildings which have mostly been restored and are well-maintained. It’s a safe and friendly town with one of the lowest crime rates in South
Africa. I hear there’s great community spirit. – Resident David Lopes
Picture: Tracey Adams/ANA
3 Museums and history
There is
the navy museum (021 787 4686), a
toy museum (021 786 1395), Simon’s
Town Museum ( 021 786 3046), which records
all aspects of the history of the Simon’s
Town community, and the Heritage Museum
(021 786 2302), a reminder of the Muslim
culture that existed in Simon’s Town from
the time of the Dutch East India Company
winter anchorage until the forced removals
of more than 7 000 people under the
Group Areas Act during apartheid. A famous
attraction is Just Nuisance, the Great Dane
dog who was officially an able seaman in
the Royal Navy in World War II. A bronze
statue of this legendary hound is in Jubilee
4 Eat 
There are dozens of restaurants
in Simon’s Town, from seafood platters
at Bertha’s (021 786 2138) to
casual fish and chips from Salty Sea Dog
(021 786 1918) to eat while sitting at the
water’s edge.
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