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Places of interest and things to do in Benoni

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Places of interest and things to do in Benoni

1 Rynfied Dam

It is a peaceful retreat in the middle of an estate. I go there to read. Rynfied, Benoni.

2 Curry Leaf Indian Cuisine 

I’m a fan of hot Indian curry so I fell in love with this place. The dishes are tasty and the biryani is lovely. The decor is plain, simple and delightfully Indian, top left. Cocoa Bean Centre, corner 2nd Street and 9 6th Avenue, Northmead, Benoni. 011 849 9622. 

3 Homestead Dam 

They have a sailing club with boats out on a weekend. There’s also a Scouts club which goes out on to the dam. One can take along food and braai beside the dam. Opposite Lakeside Mall, Benoni.

I’m a pastor at Crystal Park Baptist Church and am very much a part of the community. As
part of our interactions with the community, we attend a soccer club at Crystal Park High every Friday at 4pm, and a chess club at the church at the same time. These and other activities are easy to co-ordinate because there are multiple access points in the suburb. Public transport is not an issue and driving is easy. Crystal Gate Spar and Rynfield Square, about a kilometre away, are the closest shopping places. – Resident Mark Penrith
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4 My-China Discount Store 

I love going to this shop with my wife. They stock possibly everything you can think of, from home decor to sweets, toys, you name it, centre left. Corner 6th Avenue and 1st Street, Northmead, Benoni. 011 425 6368

5 Benoni Museum displays the history of the Rand Revolt of 1922. Corner Elston Avenue and Rothsay Street, Benoni, bottom left. 011 741 6231/ 5

6 Lakeside Mall 

Offers more than 130 stores and restaurants. Tom Jones Street, Benoni. 011 427 1801

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