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Pietermaritzburg: Advantages offered by the capital city

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Location, accessibility, sound commercial and retail sector


Pietermaritzburg is the KwaZulu-Natal capital and the secondlargest city in the province. As the seat of government, it plays a key role in the political arena and has a solid business representation via the Pietermaritzburg and Midlands Chamber of Business.


Located on the N3 national freeway between Joburg and Durban, Pietermaritzburg is a regionally important industrial hub producing aluminium, timber and dairy products.

Redlands Hotel is situated within the estate. Picture: Terry Haywood Photography

Sound commercial and retail sector

The province’s capital city possesses a strong commercial and retail sector. The Maritzburg Mall is an area along Church Street that has been a thriving retail node for many decades, while other shopping areas have been developed in the central business district. Further out of the city centre are small shopping malls and office blocks, as well as the popular Midlands Liberty Mall. Various office developments are also located outside the city centre.


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