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Pet owners should obey the rules

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Residential estates often disallow certain breeds of dogs and even some types of birds, says Chas Everitt International’s Leanne Pillay.

Some estates allow cats and no dogs, while others allow dogs but no cats. In some instances, ground floor complex units allow small dogs. Ultimately, the decision is left with the respective managing bodies.

“Body corporate (sectional title) and estate rules, registered in the Deeds Office stipulating that pets are not allowed, would need to be upheld and no pets would be allowed,” Pillay says.

Jan-Otto van Eck, rentals manager for Chas Everitt International in Cape Town’s northern suburbs, adds that there have been situations where tenants have lied about the size of their pets or not followed the body corporate rules relating to getting permission to keep pets.

“Rather put your request to the agent/ landlord and motivate it than trying to hide a pet that will be found out eventually – and could get you evicted for breaching the terms of your lease.”


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