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Parklands and Sunningdale: Tapestry of styles

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Forming part of the Blouberg area, Parklands and Sunningdale are excellent value for money with a unique lifestyle close to unspoiled beaches, excellent shopping centres and restaurants.

Parklands and Sunningdale are modern residential suburbs on Cape Town’s western seaboard, forming part of the Blouberg area where extensive development has taken place.

Growing in size and popularity, they have become renowned for excellent value for money; properties are regarded as offering the best growth potential in this region.

“Parklands and Sunningdale have much to offer buyers,” says Daphney Klopper, franchisee of Rawson Properties Table View and Rawson Properties Parklands.

“They’re not only excellent value for money, but offer a vibrant, unique lifestyle minutes from some of Cape Town’s most unspoiled beaches. Add excellent shopping centres, restaurants, cafes and top public and private schools in the area and it’s easy to see why buyers are eager to move in.”

Parklands is the older of the two, with numerous developments as well as privately-built homes and plot-and-plan erven, says Klopper. This has created a tapestry of architectural styles and property types, including freehold properties, security estates and sectional title developments.

“You can find everything from entry-level one-bedroom apartments to luxurious and vast penthouse units, as well as cottages, family homes, duplexes, triplexes, townhouses and luxury mansions in Parklands,” she says. 

“Two-bedroomed apartments are available from as little as R500 000 and duplexes from R695 000. Three-bedroom family homes begin at around R1.5 million, and larger luxury properties can hit R5m or more, particularly in areas like New Parklands North.”

Parklands residents are as varied as their properties, although the average buyer age is dropping, with 40% of the latest purchases made by people under 35. Around 80% are under 50.
West Coast Village at Sunningdale. Picture: Cindy Waxa/ANA Pictures
Sunningdale attracts a slightly older demographic. “The focus in Sunningdale is family-centric. There are few townhouses and no apartments, which reduces the number of young, single buyers to some extent,” says Klopper.

Planned and built by Garden Cities, a non-profit organisation with nearly a century of experience in suburban development, Sunningdale has a more cohesive design than Parklands, but offers less variety in building style.

“Two-bedroom homes start at around R1.5m, while three-bedroom properties cost upwards of R1.8m. High-end homes peak around the R3m mark, although prices on particularly luxurious or well-positioned properties do go higher.”
Sunningdale has a more cohesive design than Parklands and an older demographic.
Picture: Cindy Waxa/ANA Pictures
While demographics differ, Parklands and Sunningdale have plenty in common, and many trends are equally prevalent.
Klopper has noticed a definite preference for eco-friendly homes, with solar panels, boreholes, energy efficient designs and rainwater 

As for the post-purchase experience, signs point towards ongoing appreciation in spite of the widespread property market downturn: “Our office has seen an increase in sales volumes and values, a good indication of enduring demand and market growth. Development continues in spite of an increase in erf prices and building costs, showing developers are equally optimistic about the neighbourhoods’ future.”

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