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PARC at Gold Coast Estate

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A state-of-the-art, completely contactless security system has been installed at a security estate in KwaZuluNatal.

The no-touch biometric reader is the first layer of an already robust and multi-layered security system at the Gold Coast Estate on the north coast. Located at its gatehouse, this advanced technology is not only a benefit to all residents at Gold Coast Estate, but also those living at PARC situated within.

In light of the current crisis we are facing and during challenging economic times, businesses have had to be innovative, says Charles Thompson of the estate developers, the Devmco Group.

The market’s attention has become harder to capture, and property developers are being pushed to find the next best thing to create a competitive advantage. For Gold Coast Estate, the no-touch biometric system was it.

“Innovation has always been at the forefront of what we do and aligns with our future-proofing promise to plan five to 10 years ahead. We started planning to introduce this system over two years ago, long before ‘contact-less’ systems became essential.”

Although the world is suffering a health crisis that has made people sensitive about how they engage with their environment, this was not the key driver for the system. It was driven by innovation.

“This technology is not readily available in South Africa so we had to source it from abroad. This took time as we had to ensure the system was the right one, and that we could provide back-up support in terms of data storage (who comes in and out), regular testing, maintenance and repairs.

“We are keeping our promise of toptier security within a bespoke estate for families, and part of that experience is security. We are early adopters, and I am not calling this a trend because it is not. It is the way of the future and we pride ourselves for being ahead of the curve,” Thompson says.

He says the contactless security system has been sourced and imported, and implemented at no extra cost to the homeowners.


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