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Midlands Meander provides local business opportunities

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Midlands Meander provides local business opportunities


The significant expansion of Howick, particularly accommodating the retirement lifestyle market, has provided substantial opportunities for small and medium-sized construction companies.

Larger projects, like shopping complexes, have also won contracts for the national construction groups.

Medical services

The influx of older residents has paved the way for the proliferation of medical service businesses. These include the Howick Day Clinic, Mediclinic Howick and specialists in a variety of ailments and afflictions common to older patients.

Some old houses have been converted into businesses, like The Red Tap, a popular pub and eatery. Picture: Terry Haywood Photographs

Restaurants, cafes and casual eateries

There are many opportunities for establishing casual eateries, cafes and restaurants to cater for the town’s population. Many businesses offer pensioner lunches or discounts to older visitors.

Midlands Meander 

Forming part of the popular Midlands Meander, South Africa’s first arts and craftsbased tourism route, Howick is an ideal location for establishing business opportunities incorporating interests relative to this market. The town has a variety of arts and crafts businesses, vintage and antique operations and shops specialising in offering customers a different experience.

Nurseries and florist ventures 

Following construction comes landscaping, and there are opportunities for developing nurseries and florists within the town.

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