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Many advantages for companies, residents in Overport

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Many advantages for companies, residents in Overport


Found on the inland side of the Berea, the neighbourhood has good accessibility to the N3 freeway and infrastructure across the city in every direction. The downside is the lack of parking and congestion as the roads are not equipped to handle the current traffic volumes. 

Mixed-use nature 

The mixed-use nature of Overport means people can live, work and play in the same area – in some cases even in the same building, where commercial opportunities are conducted on the ground floor and dwellings are sited on the higher floors. 


The integrated society means there are adequate labour resources within easy access and on public transport systems. 

The Bakers Tiles building has office space to let. Picture: Terry Haywood Photography

Public amenities 

Overport is well-serviced with public amenities for those who are living and working within the zone. These include schools, medical facilities and shopping.

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