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Making a house a home takes some time – Editor’s Letter

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Buying a home can be a terrifying experience for first-time home buyers.

No matter how much homework you do, nothing can quite prepare you for the amount of stress and anxiety that comes from having to negotiate for your bond and negotiate with sellers – then there’s all the paperwork and money with which you have to part.

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Some will tell you that buyer’s remorse is normal, as you toss and turn at night wondering if you’ve made the right choice. Of course, buying a house to live in will also mean you are having to leave somewhere else, so it will entail decluttering, packing and moving.

Take a deep breath!

These are all stressful events but will mean that, finally, all the money you are ploughing in monthly to have a roof over your head will be money into something that is an asset.

Some say everyone hates their new home for at least a year as they make it theirs. I’m not so sure about that. I do know, though, that making a house a home takes some time and it can be a fun and happy time.

To ease some of your first-time home buyer’s nerves our writer Bonny Fourie has produced an important guide to the process. I hope it will be of help and that the stress you are feeling will soon turn into celebration and joy!

Vivian Warby


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