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Letter from the editor

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Location. Location. Location. I can almost still see and hear the estate agent from a few decades ago telling me this as she showed me a fixer-upper (okay, okay — dilapidated) house in a posh Joburg area.

 Of course I didn’t listen to her, and more’s the pity because Parkhurst did end up being a brilliant investment. I’ve thought about many important pieces of advice I have received over the years in regards to property.

One from a friend (read, not an expert) sadly turned out to be untrue – “you can never lose with property”. Well, as my pockets can attest to, you can. Which is why, before making the property leap, it is important to ensure you have a trusted adviser who understands property. And then to actually take their advice. 

This week, our writer Bonny Fourie asked estate agents and other experts about where firsttime buyers should be investing. They’ve given us some important insights, which I hope will help you in the important, but also fun and exciting, prospect of buying a home.

What fascinates me now is how the pandemic may have us witnessing new things in the property market, including the “de-gentrification” of some areas. 

Things are changing, and it will take an astute adviser to predict what will come next. I hope you find one and that you can make good use of the favourable conditions in the market.

Warm regards

Vivian Warby


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