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Letter from the editor

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This is a big shout out to millennials and Gen Z who really have helped the world begin to view homes and property differently.

And while I’m at it, a hat tip to the older generations of the boomers, who made property sexy, and Gen X who pioneered property tech.

Amongst those I know in the younger generations, I have seen a couple make a home out of a shipping container, another build their own tiny home, and my one trailblazing friend set up a caravan on a friend’s piece of land when the pandemic saw her unable to pay the rent for her apartment.

I’m always amazed at how millennials and Generation Z are willing to think outside the box, and I believe they will be instrumental in showing us interesting possible ways forward in terms of homeownership, design, and property in general.

I feel privileged to work with people in the property world through the many generations, from those in their 20s through to those in their 80s, from all walks of life, all offering something so valuable – a piece of the puzzle of what the future of the industry – and of what homes – could be.

I’m excited to see multi-generations sit together to begin to chart the real estate way forward. It might not be what we have known but it could be better than we expect.

Warm regards
Vivian Warby​​


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