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Letter from the editor

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Many of us have been genuinely financially affected by lockdown and have had to make calls or send letters to landlords and banks pleading for extra assistance and leeway.

We have all needed some kindness, some extension of compassion and aid in these times. Landlords and tenants are both being stretched beyond what was first expected and everyone has taken a hit.

New leases are being worked out and new deals made. Some landlords are even brainstorming with residential and commercial tenants on how to create win-win scenarios.

Sadly, some tenants who could have continued paying full rent chose not to, and this is having a negative effect on the whole chain. Compassion fatigue is already setting in and it’s still early days. Maybe right now what’s needed is for everyone to do the right thing.

If you are able to give a tenant some reprieve, do, if you can afford to pay your rent, do. Let’s find a new way to be together that works for all of us.

There may be evictions, there may be downsizing (which can actually come with some many wonderful and unexpected perks), things may change.

I remember asking my late dad, Joe, when I was in a fix at one stage of my life what to do, and he replied: “Do the next right thing.”

There are no villains in the landlord/tenant game. Let’s all roll up our sleeves and do the next right thing so we all keep afloat.

Warm regards

Vivian Warby (


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