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Buying or insuring property can be intimidating, especially due to the uncertainty associated with property values.

But, with relevant and accurate information at your disposal, big decisions – such as choosing the right neighbourhood or right price at which to buy or sell a property – can be made with complete confidence. Having an information partner that can tell you all the details, terms, risks and costs of every buying decision can, therefore, save you headaches and nasty surprises later on.

Created with the modern buyer and seller in mind, SearchShop is a convenient information partner which aims to help users make educated choices.

The web and mobile app allow users to perform live searches for property, companies and individual owners on the go. Users can also get instant reports and modify their searches to get specific details about a property’s value and location.

In addition to SearchShop’s convenient tools, its built-in safety features make property transactions less intimidating. The application obtains details directly from the source, while secure payment technology allows users to safely complete all transactions without leaving the platform.

Whether you’re upgrading your company’s premises, investing in a rental opportunity or moving your family into a new home, having the right information always helps you make better decisions.

SearchShop gives you all the property information you need in a matter of seconds, saving you time and allowing you to make better decisions. With free registration and no contracts, what are you waiting for?

Go to or download the app from the Google Play Store and start making happier, more informed, property decisions today!


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