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Kingsford – Westville

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Kingsford is a premium residential estate, centrally located in upmarket Westville. It is well secured and every step has been taken to ensure its residents’ peace of mind.

The estate is beautifully landscaped, with indigenous plants and existing trees, and this complements the aesthetic appeal of the modern, bespoke homes. 

Although functional, the homes are positioned to accentuate privacy, views and natural light. Homes within Kingsford range in size from 225m2 three-bedroomed units to 395m2 five-bedroomed units.

They are designed to perfectly blend modern, open-plan living – merging indoors and outdoors seamlessly – with family values and a good community spirit. 

The estate is beautifully landscaped with indigenous plants and existing trees. Picture:

This creates the ideal environment in which to raise a family and offers a perfect setting for entertaining guests.

The estate is close to top-performing schools and tertiary institutions, as well as sporting facilities and other amenities. For families, this promotes a balance between academic excellence and active lifestyle.

Kingsford’s signature lifestyle is the ultimate symbol of success and is the definition of progress.


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