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JOBURG: Our insider’s guide to Westcliff

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Those in search of a prestigious, secure address, a large stand with a grand home and some the best views of Joburg, are likely to buy and settle in this suburb.

Westcliff has mainly
sumptuous residential
properties that offer
splendid views of Joburg
in a central location, just a stone’s
throw from the heart of the big city.
“The properties found in this area
have stand sizes averaging 4 000m²
but can range from as small as
2 000m² to as large as 7 000m²,” says
Lara Bragge, a property specialist with
Keller Williams Realty Clockwork.
“There is a mix of period properties more than 100 years old such
as some of the Sir Herbert Baker-designed homes found in the area and
1980s-style homes needing renovation, as well as recently built or
renovated homes where owners have
spent an extra R20 million on extensions and renovations.” 
Some locations in the suburb are more popular than others. Pallinghurst and Woolston roads are some of the most popular as they offer the best views of our city and are also very
private. – Lara Bragge, property specialist, Keller Williams Realty Clockwork
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Bragge contends properties here
are generally durable, well-built structures that have stood the test of time.
“Top-earning individuals such as
CEOs and successful business owners, as well as overseas people, all
of whom are seeking a prestigious
address, large stands, grand homes,
security and the most magnificent
views that Joburg has to offer are the
most likely to buy and settle here.”
She notes: “Some locations in the
suburb are definitely more popular
than others.
“Pallinghurst and Woolston roads
are some of the most popular as they
offer the best views of our city and
are very private.”
Homes in these select locations
rarely come on to the market. Even
a really old residence can cost well
over R20m here, says Bragge.

This is in contrast to homes
near thoroughfares such as Westcliff
Drive, mostly used to travel between
Joburg and the Parks suburbs, which
are perceived as less desirable: “You’re
able to find large value-for-money
stands of about 4 000 m² on this
road for under R10m but this is still
a prestigious address.” 
Bragge says some properties along
extremely busy routes such as Jan
Smuts Avenue have been rezoned,
but without altering the prestige of
the area.
“These properties enjoy easy
access from major centres such as
Rosebank and Joburg CBD as well as
the highway. Because of this, they are
being rezoned to commercial offices.”
Prospective buyers should prioritise large stands that offer the chance
to subdivide, along roads with great
views, while renovators should stay
within guidelines such as height of
the property so it retains its views
and value.
“One can expect to spend R15m
to R20m on renovating a previously
unaltered home to create something
of similar value to your neighbour’s.
The alternative would be to spend
in the region of R40m to R50m in
the future for a well-renovated home
with views,” says Bragge.
“Westcliff sellers need to be educated on the fact that the market
has changed dramatically since they
bought.” She adds that prices have
dropped by as much as 25%.
The highest price paid in the past
year was about R20m for an unrenovated home with views, says Bragge.
Sellers are mostly older couples
looking to downsize, emigrate, relocate to the Cape or to the countryside.

Wikus van Rensburg’s places of interest and things to do

Westcliff is a quiet suburb and the nicest area with the biggest properties close to Joburg that you can find. It’s 100% convenient as all the highways, hospitals and schools are within a walking distance. You can even walk to Rosebank if you feel like it. – Wikus van Rensburg, resident Picture: Supplied

1 My Bread & Butter
cosy, casual. 66 Tyrone
Avenue, Parkview.
011 646 8639
2 Parkview Golf Course
within walking distance
and all three of my kids
play golf there. I rate it 10
out of 10. Cnr Wicklow and
Emmarentia avenues, Parkview.
011 646 5400
3 Moyo
This is close to the
Zoo Lake and in a nice
setting. The food is great
and so is the service. Zoo Lake
Park, 1 Prince of Wales Avenue,
Parkview. 011 646 0058
4 Melville district
Spilt Milk Social Café is in Melville. Picture: Supplied

It’s also
close by. There are
many restaurants, from
Hell’s Kitchen (4, 7th Street,
079 980 9591), Spilt Milk
Social Café (1, 7th Street,
010 593 7979) to Pablo’s
Eggs-Go-Bar ( 2, 7th Street,
063 335 9348) and Service
Station (24, 9th Street,
011 726 1701)
5 Rosebank Mall
There is a
lot to do from places to eat
and shop to entertainment.
50 Bath Avenue, Rosebank.
011 788 5530
6 Taste of Punjab
Shop 3,
Village Shopping Centre,
60 Tyrone Avenue,
Parkview. Late-night food, outdoor seating, cosy. 011 646 9031 

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