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JOBURG: Our insider’s guide to Norwood

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Known for tree-lined streets, Norwood is also tops for entertainment

Norwood is an evergreen suburb that is destined to perform consistently, come rain or shine, owing to its diversified heritage, its essential amenities and proximity to a host of others. Pam Dodo of Amour Properties describes Norwood as a diverse and appealing garden suburb of tree-lined streets.

“Norwood has remained popular in all economic climates, largely due to its proximity to highways, excellent shopping malls, schools and places of worship,” she says. The suburb’s Grant Avenue is one of Joburg’s top entertainment and society districts. “The nightlife is vibrant and there are many trendy eateries, restaurants and bars,” says Dodo.

Alligned to this is Norwood’s cosmopolitanism. The suburb is famed for its eclectic composition, both demographic and ethnic, and Dodo points to the mix of cultures, including Jewish, Muslim, west African and South African, “all living harmoniously”. These groups are catered to by specialist facilities and services. 

People buying in the area include professionals, young couples and families starting out, and older people who are downsizing from larger properties. – Pam Dodo, estate agent, Amour Properties Picture: Supplied

In the neighbourhood are restaurants which are kosher, halaal, Indian and Ethiopian, to name a few. While the Chabad of Norwood is the synagogue close to the area, nearby Houghton is home to a few mosques. The demographic composition includes younger residents, largely drawn to the area by its noted social vibrancy, and the sizeable group of middle-aged and mature homeowners for who centrality and convenience are important.

“People buying in the area include professionals, young couples and families starting out, and older people who are downsizing from larger properties,” says Dodo. This is especially as most homes in Norwood are built on properties averaging only around 495m², says Dodo, who adds there are also properties of approximately 990m².

The core market stock comprises homes dating back to the 1920s and 1930s, most of which have been upgraded and renovated or refurbished or rebuilt, according to Dodo. She puts the average selling price of a home in the area at between R2million to R3m. She says the highest achievable price in Norwood would be approximately R4.8m.

“It is a very attractive investment destination as investors purchase smaller homes and apartments on a ‘buy-to-rent’ basis for very favourable returns on investment,” says Dodo. In any given market, houses generally take between three to four months to sell, she says.

“Those who are looking to buy should drive through the area at different times during week days and on weekends to familiarise yourself with the lifestyle and the trends, and also to ascertain exactly the type of home that would suit your needs,” she advises.

Dodo says the area has a very active policing programme and 24-hour patrols. Lightstone statistics show that The Gardens is slightly pricier than Norwood.

Marc Gelman’s favourite places and things to do

I have lived in Norwood for about three years. It’s a beautiful, lively place that is relatively safe. There’s a private company contracted to carry out security patrols. You get different demographic groups, including lots of young people. You see people jogging or walking their dogs freely on the streets at any given time. – Marc Gelman Picture: Supplied

1 Grant Avenue

It is lively place with lots of restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets and retail shops. You can get almost anything you need.

Grant Avenue is the busy main hub in the area. Picture: Supplied

2 Norwood Schwarma Company

They serve great schwarmas, steaks and chicken and is one of my favourites in the area. Their service is excellent. 71 Grant Avenue, Norwood. 0114831776 

3 Algernon Road Park

Situated just off Frances Road, it is one of a number of nice little parks in the area. I take my dog there every day. Algernon Road, Norwood.

4 Local Market

Held on a Saturday once in a while, which makes it special. You can get shoes and nice clothing. 11th Street, Norwood.

5 Queen Sheba

Ethiopian Restaurant Seven-course dining experience. 106 Algernon Road and Grant Avenue, Norwood. 0749783445

6 Next Door

Kosher restaurant, Gnocchi, pasta. 80 Grant Avenue, Norwood. 0117282577


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