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JOBURG: Our insider’s guide to Fairmount

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This predominantly Jewish suburb has many old renovated homes

Fairmount is sought after for many things, chief of which is its ability to accommodate a wide spectrum of income groups which means residents are able to put down roots until fairly late in life if they so choose.

“The size of the average freehold property in the area is +/- 1 000m²,” says Debbie Noach, a sales specialist with Amour Properties Real Estate Agency.

“There are also clusters, townhouses and retirement homes. Some of the original homes were built after World War II and over the years people have done them up to today’s standards.”

The property market is performing well and pricing has remained stable, however, being a
small, exclusive suburb the turnover of property in the area is low. – Debbie Noach, sales specialist, Amour Properties Real Estate Agency
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She says the average house offers three living rooms, three to four bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms, staff accommodation, garaging, loads of off-street parking and plenty of garden space for children to play.

“Because of the location many couples have bought and totally renovated homes, making it exclusive and sought-after for people wanting to be near places of worship and schools.”

Noach explains that Fairmount, like nearby Sandringham, is a predominantly Jewish neighbourhood, with many Kosher-friendly amenities, restaurants and businesses catering to Jewish homeowners and residents.

She says Fairmount is a typically northern Joburg suburb that affords easy and direct access to lots of attractions around Joburg, one of the premier destinations on the African continent.

“With its superb geographical position and charming ambience, it is no wonder Fairmount is one of the more sought-after residential areas in the city.”

The suburb’s relative affordability makes it a favourite of groups such as newlyweds and young families starting out. Noach says most sales are to people in their early 20s due to the abundance of starter homes in the area; other age groups also contribute to the sales market share significantly. Most sellers are over 50.

“The property market is performing well and pricing has remained stable, however, being a small, exclusive suburb the turnover of property in the area is low. 

The average length of time to sell a property is about four to six months.” There also have been a few sales due to immigration or relocations. Noach places the current price range at between R1.3 million to R11m, saying that prices rarely exceed R10m, with the average high price around R4m and the average selling price for the area about R2.5m.

“Drive through the area to get a feel for it. “Make sure that the home fulfils all your needs and is a long-term investment,” she advises. She refers to the relative peace and quiet of the area and describes Fairmount as a suburb that is shielded from the hubbub of Joburg city life.

“It is also blessed with picturesque surroundings.” Sandringham is considerably more affordable.

Gadiel Burman’s favourite places and things to do

It’s easy to get around and convenient to live here as there are lots of facilities and access to many places in and around Joburg. We’re close to all the main shopping places, restaurants, great schools and other amenities. Safety-wise I’d say it’s quite secure as personal security is
not a big concern. – Gadiel Burman
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1 Local park

This park is popular with youths from the neighbourhood and a convenient hangout during the Sabbath. A great space to unwind. Study Road, Glenhazel.

2 Genesis on Fairmount

Shopping Centre It’s got a Pick n Pay, hotel, conference centre and a Seattle Coffee Company shop I like going to during the week for a coffee fix. Convenient and functional. 10 Sandler Rd, Fairmount. 011 274 5300

3 Huddle Park Golf & Recreation

There’s a big and good golf course and a great restaurant. Huddle Park is also a top dog-walking site and a perfect weekend spot. 121 Club Street, Linksfield. 011 640 4456

Huddle Park Golf & Recreation has a good restaurant. Picture: Supplied

4 Frangelicas

They have delicious food and the service is excellent. It’s well worth paying a visit. 2 Long Avenue, Glenhazel. 087 701 9909

5 Schaffler’s Nursery & Under the Trees

Breakfast, outdoor seating, cosy. A big yes from me. 28 Johannesburg Road, Lyndhurst. 011 786 0323

6 The Kitchen

Reservations required, cash only. 49 George Avenue, Glenrand. 


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