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Investing in Shaka’s Rock

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Town is a popular tourist destination with a growing residential, commercial and retail sector

Travelling north along the N2 one passes the small town of Shaka’s Rock. Wedged between the rapidly growing town of Ballito and Salt Rock is Shaka’s Rock, another of the province’s hidden gems now showing its worth.

Only 40 minutes from Durban, both Shaka’s Rock and Salt Rock have long been favourite holiday destinations, with myriad fishing spots, quaint small-town environments and beautiful beaches. The Shaka’s Rock Beach tidal pool is a protected environment and well-known for snorkelling opportunities, with a wide variety of fish, coral and other sea life.

Shaka’s Rock takes its name from a promontory over which, legend has it, the Zulu chief Shaka threw his enemies and tested his men by daring them to jump, sometimes to their deaths.

Today, the holiday apartments and luxury houses boasting enviable views over the Indian Ocean have no bearing on that brutal history. In the past 20 years, as former sugar cane land has become available for rezoning and development, modern estates incorporating luxury residential and commercial and retail space have come to the market.

Conceptualised in 2003, the 430ha Simbithi Eco-estate has gained traction as a key residential address, as well as a prime property investment opportunity. The land was originally owned by two British officers who named it Beverley after their Yorkshire home town.

In 1919, George Ladlau purchased the farm (and a few years later the neighbouring one) which would eventually become Simbithi. Today, the facility includes an upmarket business services hub with a restaurant, health and beauty salons, offices and retail opportunities.

Restaurants and auxiliary services are opportunities for investors in Shaka’s Rock. Picture: Terry Haywood Photography

Across the road, the Simbithi Hotel and Suites is under construction. Simbithi Eco-estate general manager Malcolm Samuel says the hotel development falls within the estate’s commercial zone and will comprise 47 rooms, three penthouses and 28 suites. The multimillion-rand development is expected to be completed by December next year.

The Mantis Group was recently appointed the hotel’s managing operator. The group manages various hotels in prestigious South African golf estates, including St Francis Links and Val De Vie, as well as in Mauritius and France.

“We are excited about the synergy this impressive project will create for the Simbithi brand and it will improve our offering as a community within the estate,” Samuel says.

As a reflection of pricing, commercial property available for rent in Simbithi Office Park can start from R160/m². More broadly within the town, there are a host of properties on the market. A seven-suite B&B establishment, which has been functioning as a business for more than 30 years, was recently listed for R7.7 million.

The modern Simbithi Office Park complex gives residents of the eco-estate the chance to work and live within the same boundaries. Picture: Terry Haywood Photography

Two industrial spaces are also available – one measuring 1 400m² for R9.4m and a second measuring 1 200m² for R14m. Both offer investment opportunities as tenants are already on site to generate monthly annuity incomes. Also on the market is a 3ha piece of land for R3.795m as the current owner looks to subdivide a farm.

Accommodation, hippie shop and eatery part of the mix

The bright colours of TASPA The Hippie Shop add a vibrancy to this building, which houses a variety of commercial venture. Picture: Terry Haywood Photography

Chaka’s Rock Chalets

Managed by the First Group, Chaka’s Rock Chalets offers self-catering accommodation in one-, two- and three-bedroomed units with easy access to the beaches, entertainment areas and the broader KwaZulu-Natal North Coast amenities.


The Hippie Shop Founded in 2011, TASPA is a family-run business which originally opened its doors in Umhlali before moving to Salt Rock and, in September last year, to Shaka’s Rock. The branding consists of the various family aspects, including the shop’s name – an acronym for the family members starting with their surname (Trusler) followed by Arthur, Sam, Paige and Amber. The Tree of Life logo represents their family tree, with the four criss-crossing roots symbolising two parents and two daughters. The branches represent their customers and the company’s continued growth. The company stocks funky, hand-picked items predominantly imported from Nepal, but also sourced in Thailand, India, Bali and locally.

Salt Café

Found opposite Shaka’s Rock Beach on the corner of Ocean Drive and Old Main Road, Salt Café specialises in pizza and coffee, but can satisfy desires for pastries, toasted sandwiches, frappes and smoothies. 

Ocean View Villas

Set in the heart of Shaka’s Rock, Ocean View Villas provides a range of accommodation, ranging from upmarket and corporate to family units. Located 500m from the Shaka’s Rock main beach, the units boast sea views over the Indian Ocean and are fully equipped for self-catering.

Holiday accommodation is a dominant business sector within the town. Picture: Terry Haywood Photography

Great situation for tourism and business


Wedged between Ballito and Salt Rock on the KwaZulu-Natal North Coast, Shaka’s Rock has benefitted from the dramatic growth and development expanding north of Durban. The town is a favourite holiday destination because of its fishing spots and beaches, paving the way for investments into tourism and accommodation facilities.

Gated communities surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, quintessential KwaZulu-Natal banana trees and rolling lawns, are a feature of Shaka’s Rock. Picture: Terry Haywood Photography

Land available for development

The northern expansion along the coastline is shifting the land use from agricultural to residential, commercial and industrial. This offers investors plenty of opportunities to design and develop premises to meet the various levels of demand. 

Established community

The proliferation of new residential complexes and an established sugar farming community provide a sound market for entrepreneurial ventures and businesses looking to woo consumers.


Shaka’s Rock is on the KwaZuluNatal North Coast, with easy access off the N2 national freeway. This links the town to the ports of Richards Bay and Durban for export and import purposes, as well as to King Shaka International Airport for ease of access to holidaymakers and swift travel.

One of the more modern commercial buildings in Shaka’s Rock. Picture: Terry Haywood Photography


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