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How to display your collectables to best advantage

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If you are a serious collector, you will want to display the items acquired on auction in a way that brings out the best qualities of the pieces.

No matter if it is pottery items, antique furniture, or just shells, your collection deserves centre stage in your home.

The Poole Pottery Collectors’ Club has provided the following suggestions:

* Use everyday items to set the stage. Things like a pedestal, an old box or a frame can be good settings to catch the eye. The type of collectable will determine the best type of staging objects.

* Avoid busy backdrops. An overly busy backdrop can detract from the items you want to show. Keep the background a solid colour. It can be a cloth or a wall, but it should be kept simple. A bold colour could add to your display, depending on what the display item is.

* Lighting can create a wonderful effect. You can light the display case or objects from the top, behind, underneath, the front, or even from all sides. Before placing a lighting effect, check the way it will best shine on your collectable without creating too much shadow. You can test it with a torch.

* Space versus the number of collectables. If you have more collectables than space, consider splitting them or creating a cluster that makes sense.

A large piece can be displayed on its own in a room, while smaller pieces can be clustered and displayed together. If you run out of space and still have items left, carefully wrap and pack them away. You can swop them with other ones when you get the urge to redecorate.

* Protect valuable items. If you have items in your collection that are extremely valuable, display them in a secure glass case. A glass case can be a great display tool.

A note not listed by the Pool Club is also to inform your cleaning staff about the need to be extra careful when handling your precious collection.


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