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How to build generational wealth – Editor’s Letter

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It’s people like Nano Shadung, who a few years ago became the first person in her family to own property, who inspire us here at Property360.
Both her mother and grandmother were domestic workers and, for them, owning a home was something that “rich people did”. Her mother worked hard to put food on the table in their one-room house in Alexandra, and clothes on their backs, and she provided a decent education for Shadung and her sister.

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When Shadung bought her first home at 25 she began the journey of building generational wealth in her family.
“When I got my first proper paying job it wasn’t a hard decision to make and I knew nothing mattered at that point other than to have a decent house to call home,” she tells us.
Recently, when singing sensation Makhadzi, 25, built a home for her grandmother, and a home each for her father and mother (who are divorced), she also began the process of putting her hard-earned money into property. Makhadzi, who started her career singing in taxi ranks and is now Apple Music’s most-streamed South African artist, released a new album last week.
The Limpopo singer, with her magical Venda lyrics, took to Twitter to tell us it was her dream to see her grandmother and parents living a better life.
Neither Shadung nor Makhadzi has forgotten where they came from and not only do they want to make their families proud of them, they also understand the importance of owning property in building wealth. Experts tell us how buying property can help secure financial freedom, not only for the purchaser but for the generations before and after them.
The achievements of Shadung and Makhadzi are those to which we can all aspire. As Makhadzi says: “I don’t care about wearing expensive clothes but to make sure that all my family have a place to sleep and to hide from hunger is a priority. When you pray and work hard, everything is possible.”
We are inspired!
Warm regards
Vivian Warby

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