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Evergreen Broadacres: Best years of your life

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Healthy, happy communities of active and engaged retirees.

A state-of-the-art 4 000m² Lifestyle Centre has been added and will open soon. The first phase of apartments constructed on the site have been released on to the market.

Home to a vibrant community of retirees, Evergreen Broadacres is a premium option for seniors who want to manage their retirement as it suits them.

Of the 130 architect-designed homes already built within Evergreen Broadacres, only two are still available. 

The latest phase of development adds the first apartments of what will ultimately be more than 100 units. 

Prospective residents will have a choice of two-bedroom two-bathroom or one-bedroom one-bathroom units.

The construction of a modern, fully equipped 4 000m² Lifestyle Centre is nearing completion. It will be fully operational from November. 

World-class healthcare, resort-style facilities and first-rate amenities are standard in all Evergreen Lifestyle villages.

Arthur Case, Evergreen Retirement Holdings chief executive, says: “The new Lifestyle Centre is an important milestone for the village. The launch of the apartments 
means residents now have the opportunity to age in place by adapting their lifestyle to their life stage. 

“When retirees make the life-changing decision to move into retirement, it’s preferable to choose a home where they can stay for the remainder of their lives rather than having to relocate based on medical or financial necessity. At Evergreen Broadacres, residents will now have the option of scaling down from a house to an apartment, should this become necessary.”

A 32-bed Frail Care facility has also been added. 

Residents who are unwell can count on personalised, home-based healthcare for as long as possible, but if their condition deteriorates, there is the fully equipped Frail Care facility offering 24-hour nursing, palliative and recuperative care. 

Residents buy into these villages by way of the Life Right purchase model.

Arthur says: “A life right guarantees a safe and secure home throughout your remaining years, and those of your spouse. The model delivers affordability since pricing is flexible and can be tailored to fit your budget, and levies are transparent and affordable. 

“Special levies to cover major maintenance projects remain the responsibility of the developer.”
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Attend the next Evergreen Broadacres open showcase at 11 am on 2 November 2017. Call 011 467 7097.

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