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Head to Hilton for Masonic Jewels

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Sale coincides with major London exhibition

Cannon’s Auctioneers’ offering of Freemason lapel badges at its collectables and art sale in Hilton on September 25 from 9am coincides with the first major public exhibition of Masonic Jewels that opened in London on September 27.

Cannon’s will sell two highly collectable 18ct gold and enamel Masonic Jewel lapel badges, emanating from Prince Alfred Lodge in Pietermaritzburg, and estimated to fetch up to R22000 each.

Bejewelled: Badges, Brotherhood and Identity, the public expo in London, showcases over 150 Masonic Jewels from the Museum of Freemasonry’s collection from around the world.

The jewels represent the history of freemasonry: from the opulent gold and green of the “Authors’ Lodge” jewel – which included as members Arthur Conan Doyle and Rudyard Kipling – to the “Prince of Wales Lodge” jewel crafted by POWs in Singapore during World War II.

Two collectable ‘Masonic Jewel’ lapel badges will be auctioned by Cannon’s in Hilton September 25. Picture: Cannon’s Auctioneers

Freemasonry is one of the world’s oldest non-religious and non-political fraternities. The movement models itself on the guilds of skilled medieval stonemasons who used secret words and symbols to recognise each other’s legitimacy and protect their work from outsiders. Later the modern system of lodges evolved and with it the allegations that latter-day Freemasons remained secretive to hide the way they assisted each other.

Among the other lots on offer at Cannon’s will be:

A cast brass Suid-Afrikaanse Spoorwee/SA Railways locomotive plate with a top presale estimate of R10000.

An SAR cast-iron locomotive plate, expected to fetch up to R2000.

An Omega Constellation gents’ 18ct yellow gold vintage watch with 18ct yellow gold bracelet. The watch has an insurance replacement value of nearly R150000.

Old Master paintings by Gabriel de Jongh and Johan Oldert.

For more details, phone 0333433364-7, email or visit


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