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Growing global interest in antique silver

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They say those born into wealthy families enter this world with “a silver spoon in their mouths”.

Today, the status and importance of silver still ring true and have made collecting selected antique silver an important investment, says Anne-Marie Beck of Ashbey’s Galleries in Cape Town, which has several sought-after silver items on auction on Thursday.

Beck says quality silver, not affected by inflation or interest rate variation, is a stable investment that has achieved remarkable prices on overseas auctions.

“Another major advantage of silver is that it is robust and durable and can be home show pieces or practical implements for daily life. Silver tea sets, cutlery, trays, jugs and various types of tableware are valuable pieces of history to serve special occasion dinners on.”

Bukowskis, Scandinavia’s leading auction house, says: “Interest in silver has awakened and the younger generation now understands the investment merits and affordability of decorating their homes with silver.”

Pushkin Antiques of London, specialists in silverware, says exceptional items by famous silversmiths are sought-after by international museums and selective collectors.

“When investing in high-end silver pieces, the hallmarks verify the age and provenance of the object to cut the risk of your investment,” Pushkin says.

Koopman Rare Art, pre-eminent dealers in antique silver, say: “For quality, workmanship, art historical context and distinguished provenances, the antique silver market is under appreciated.

“Buy the best antique silver you can afford and you can’t go wrong,” Koopman advises collectors.

Finally, major antiques online search engine Barnebys states: “Given that silver prices will undoubtedly rise again, investment value alone is a reason to acquire it.”


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