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Green Point, Oranje-Kloof City Improvement Districts contributes to 30% reduction in crime

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The Green Point and Oranje-Kloof City Improvement Districts can be proud of the significant role they’ve played in reducing crime in the Mother City over the past year.

There has been a noteworthy reduction of 30.5% in all criminal incidents in the Green Point and Oranje-Kloof areas compared to 2018. The 24-hour GP/OKCID security teams have also made an impressive 510 arrests this year and issued a total of 15 308 traffic fines with a rand value of R11 012 600.

The role of a City Improvement District (CID) is to work closely with all role players, in order to provide supplementary assistance in terms of security, cleansing, social intervention, upgrading and improving public spaces between buildings.

With strong relationships and open communication channels with SAPS and the City of Cape Town, the GPCID (established in 2001) and OKCID (established early in 2002), are proud of the results of their collective efforts.

“It takes collaboration of all role players to ensure that our streets are clean and safe, and a committed team that show up and do their best every single day,” says Marc Truss, Chief Executive of the GP/OKCID.

Business and property owners have also experienced the difference that the GP/OKCID has made, and the value they have added to their operations and properties. A cleaner and safer environment creates more opportunity for our commercial and retail component, supported by an increase in tourist activity, which in turn boosts the area’s economy.

Picture: Green Point and Oranje-Kloof City Improvement Districts

“The Oranje-Kloof area is, literally and figuratively, paving the way forward. Apart from the safety factor, the GP/OKCID has really focused on beautifying the area – I believe they both feed off one another,” shares Chris Boje, owner of Van Hunks restaurant in Kloof Street.

“The presence of the GP/OKCID is heavily felt in the area. From the perspective of the tourism industry, their presence helps make guests feel safe, secure, and aware of their surroundings. They can walk out of their guest house and it feels clean and beautiful.” – Deon de Wet, of Village n Life Realty.

“I’ve definitely noticed more patrols in the area, and so we feel more of a security presence throughout the day and at night. That makes the world of a difference to the safety within the area.” – Kim Whitaker, owner of At Once in Cape Town.

“From a property owner’s point of view, the GP/OKCID has made our area safer with an increased presence of visible security. They’ve also allowed tourists to move more freely through better protection from unsavoury elements.” – Brett Shaw, owner of Barefoot Capital.

“Our job is not just a 9 to 5 type of business; it runs 24/7 and we need to remain vigilant and committed to making a difference, whilst playing a supportive role to our community. We encourage our residents and property owners to contact us if they have any concerns, and to take a moment to  praise our members who go above and beyond their duties day in and day out,” concludes Marc Truss.

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