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Go undercover: Policy check-up

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Short-term insurance is subject to many terms and conditions requiring policyholders to keep cover consistent and to take security precautions.

Failing to do so could possible result in claims being repudiated, says Bertus Visser, chief executive of distribution at PSG Insure.

He lists some tips:

Remind and repeat: Set reminders, if need be, to ensure that you take necessary precautions such as locking the kitchen door or setting your alarm.

Know what you own: This is essential for adequate insurance cover. Get organised and assess and tally all of your belongings.

Change happens: Consider whether you need to make adjustments to your cover. The ultimate precaution is checking that your current short-term insurance policy covers you like you think it does.

“You could be unpleasantly surprised when it matters most, so make the most of this reminder,” Visser says.


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