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Glenwood: The area is close to the CBD and the port

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Glenwood: The area is close to the CBD and the port

Established neighbourhood 

Essentially now part of a mixed-use environment, there are opportunities for working and living within walking distance. The neighbourhood has good private and government schools as well as social and commercial infrastructure. 

Development opportunities 

While a significant number of the properties have been redeveloped and converted into commercial properties, there remains some vacant land and derelict properties that are ripe for development. 

The old and the new – a residential home now operating as a commercial property has a modern block of flats at its back. Picture: Terry Haywood Photography


Glenwood is within easy reach of the Durban central business district and the port, which is handy for businesses operating within the maritime environment. Most major roads are on bus and taxi routes, making public transport easily accessible. 

Sum is greater than the whole 

The wide variety of businesses to have emerged in Glenwood means entrepreneurs and investors can feed off the success of one another. This means the sum of the parts is greater than the whole and attracts more investment.


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