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JOBURG: Our insider’s guide to Senderwood

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If you are looking to buy a home, a local estate agent says you can't go wrong here because values are increasing and the demand is constant in a suburb situated close to some of the best private schools in Joburg

Location on the one hand, and buying a new or older property on the other? These seem to be the two pressing concerns any buyer in Senderwood might do well to ask themselves, given how location and value play a big part in the suburb.

This is according to Marianna Marinakos, of Chas Everitt International Property Group, who has more than two decades of experience in the area. “It might be better to buy an older house that has not been renovated and is in a quiet location rather than a new property in an area where there’s lots of traffic,” advises Marinakos.

She explains the pros and cons of buying new versus old, and the value equation to be calculated: “If you buy an older property, you can fix it according to your needs and standards and still realise a good return, which might turn out to be better than buying new and paying a premium.”

Regardless of this consideration, purchasing a property in Senderwood can always turn out to be a wise investment as homes generally cannot lose value due to the constant demand, according to Marinakos.

There will always be young families moving to Senderwood to be closer to the excellent private schools. – Mariana Marinakos, estate agent, Chas Everitt International Property Group Picture: Supplied

“There will always be young families moving in to be closer to the schools. The very good private schools are a main factor why people move to Senderwood,” says Marinakos.

She says esteemed schools within a 3km radius of Senderwood are Saheti, St Andrew’s and King David, adding that this is an area with affluent residents. 

Homes are generally priced between R4million and R6m, depending on location, says Marinakos. One can get a property that is neglected for R3m and restore it with love and care, and therefore get good value for one’s money, she says. “Homes in the area do go up to between R16m and R17m,” she says. 

“What happened traditionally was that the stands were predominantly large, between 2 000m² and 4 000m². Some have existed in their original state and others have been subdivided, for instance, into four clusters of 1 000m² each as owners seek to maximise the values.”

Some owners would keep the house to a pan-handle and subdivide the rest of the stand, says Marinakos, drawing attention to the need to maximise returns in a suburb where plots of vacant land currently sell between R1m and R1.6m. She says the past 15 years have seen older homes being renovated or subdivided.

Recently, some residents have expressed grave concerns over a development in the Huddle Park precinct by a local investment company. The residents see the new project as one more instance of the concrete jungle encroaching on to their prized piece of greenery.

“Senderwood enjoys easy access to Bedfordview, Linden, hospitals and the Joburg CBD is not far away,” says Marinakos. Of the surrounding suburbs, Bedford Park is slightly more highly valued while St Andrews is slightly more affordable.

Christina Marinakos’s favourite places and things to do

It’s so convenient for me to live here as I attend school right here in my neighbourhood. I’m in Grade 11 at Saheti School, which is a short drive from home. I drive to school and can come home for a lunch break. My brother used to cycle. We have Pick ‘n Pay just down the road from us. I sometimes meet my friends there to hang out and have something to eat. – Christina Marinakos, resident Picture: Supplied

1 Meze Emporio

They import fruit from Greece and stock iconic Greek foodstuffs, which is great for lots of us here who are of Greek descent. It’s the place to go for a healthy lunch. They also serve freshly baked pies and confections. 17 Chaucer Avenue, Senderwood. 0114538761 

Meze Emporio stocks and serves Greek foods and delicacies. Picture: Bhekikhaya Mabaso African News Agency (ANA)

2 Bedford Square

You can watch a movie, eat out and shop. It’s within a short distance of home. Bedford Square, corner Smith and Van der Linde roads, Bedfordview. 0116221842 

3 Mythos

There’s a nice atmosphere and the food is phenomenal. Bedford Centre, corner Smith and Bradford roads, Bedfordview. 0116152271 

4 Huddle Park

A great getaway, and nice for walking the dog. Club Street, Linksfield. 

5 La Tazzina

It’s nice for a lunch. 1st Avenue and Amelia Street, Dunvegan, Edenvale. 0114544334

6 Galaxy World

Entertainment for the whole family. Bedford Centre, corner Smith and Bradford roads, Bedfordview.


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