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JOBURG: Our insider’s guide to Sandhurst

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With the cost of a home in Sandhurst averaging around R20 million and heading for hundreds of millions, living in the country’s second most expensive area is for the affluent only

Staying within a 1km radius of Sandton City should be the source of joys aplenty. Sandhurst offers just that, but the question most of us would find apt to ask is: At what price?

Needless to say, the answer is steep, if only one could factor not only the mark-up price but also the ancillary charges that come standard with the day-to-day business of living here.

“You may need net assets of R1 billion,” says Tracy Clare of Firzt Realty, who has handled scores of deals in Sandhurst, known as South Africa’s second most expensive suburb after Cape Town’s Clifton, in terms of affluence.

You’ll be close to the new financial hub of Sandton, Sandton City, the Gautrain and top private schools. – Tracy Clare, Firzt Realty Picture: Supplied

Property prices for Sandhurst average at just under R20 million and there are many homes here worth hundreds of millions of rand.

“The selling price on average is R16m,” says Clare, who cited properties then trending that included a five-bedroom home for R80m and a seven-bedroom home with an asking price of R150m.

In the event you do find or settle into your dream home, you would need to ensure your pockets are deep enough to foot the exorbitant costs that come with owning a grandiose property of such magnitude, cautions Clare.

“The cost of running these properties will run into hundreds of thousands of rand. Expect to pay higher rates and taxes, pay more for electricity and water and pay more towards 24-hour security and the installation of hi-tech security measures.”

The affluent and elite buyers purchasing status symbol properties here include a sizeable component of foreigners, larger families, people who travel overseas and who prefer the lock-up-and-go lifestyle the sectional title and cluster homes here present, as well as captains of industry.

This kind of buyer would normally be attracted by the roads that are boomed off around the clock. Addresses in Killarney and Coronation roads are as upmarket as they can get, with prices as high as R150m achieved there, says Clare.

For those who can afford it, however, it is all worth it. Clare says: “There’s a fantastic return on investment as the suburb is sought after.”
She says properties in Sandhurst famously hold their value.

“You’ll be close to the new financial hub of Sandton, Sandton City, the Gautrain and top private schools. It has the best security, which is good for families moving into the suburb.”

A tree-lined street in Sandhurst. Picture: Karen Sandison/African News Agency (ANA)

The higher returns to be expected also mean developers will try to purchase land as close to Sandton as possible, according to Clare. One would note a trend of owners trying to hold on to their properties for long periods and others investing to secure their futures.

Thirty-two percent of owners have owned their properties for 11 years or more with 88% of buyers over the past year younger than 50.

For comparable values or lifestyle, look to Bantry Bay in Cape Town, which at R15 325 000 average is slightly more affordable.

Ryan van Heerden’s favourite places and things to do 

Sandhurst is, in my opinion, the axis around which the golden mile radius of Sandton revolves. You’re within walking distance of beautiful hotels, exquisite restaurants and Sandton City, surrounding A-Grade offices and headquarters of some of South Africa’s leading corporates. Public transport is a stone’s throw away in any direction. – Ryan van Heerden, Resident Picture: Supplied

1 Michelangelo Hotel

I love this classy hotel and restaurant. It is great for a cocktail and the grand piano adds to the elegance. I proposed to my wife in the restaurant 17
years ago so it will always hold a special place in my heart. 135 West Street, Sandown, Sandton. 0112827000

2 The Diamond Walk at Sandton City

Probably the most glitzy shopping experience in Gauteng. Exclusive brands and fabulous variety. Sandton City, Corner Sandton Drive and Rivonia Road, Sandton. 0112176000

3 Theatre On The Square 

Theatre on the Square. Picture: Karen Sandison/African News Agency (ANA)

Cosy 200-seater that offers world-class shows. Nelson Mandela Square, Corner Sandton Drive and Rivonia Road, Sandton. 0118838606

4 Saxon Hotel, Villas & Spa

Blow your mind and your credit card at this magical venue. Heads of state and royalty frequent this magnificent place. Definitely worth the experience. 36 Saxon Road, Sandhurst 0112926000

5 Embassy Towers

A magnificent hotel and spa that is every bit worth a visit. It is an iconic symbol of what vision and chutzpah can make possible. 175 Empire Place Sandhurst. 0115945203

6 JB’s Corner

It is a cosy place and the cocktails are great. Shop No. U 331, Sandton City. 0117841810


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