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PRETORIA: Our insider’s guide to Hazelwood

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Hazelwood is close to schools, parks and shopping centres and attracts younger buyers keen to enjoy its buzzing vibe. They also like the growing number of sectional title properties being built in the area

An infusion of new commercial investments and businesses in Hazelwood in the past few months has positively impacted on residential property values as the neighbourhood continues along a dynamic trajectory.

Jeanne Cronje and Vivienne Doeg of Apple Property say this is a gem of a neighbourhood to the east of Pretoria that forms part of an enclave which includes Menlo Park and Brooklyn is favoured by the young crowd.

Cronje cites Lightstone data which indicates sellers have largely been pensioners and most of the newer buyers are young professionals.

Investing in Hazelwood is definitely worthwhile as sales and rentals have increased in volume and value, with new sectional title developments championing the trend. – Jeanne Cronje and
Vivienne Doeg, estate agents, Apple Property
Picture: Supplied

“This is a trendy area so it mainly attracts the younger generation. Hazelwood is vibey with all the restaurants, The Club, the big Planet Fitness Signature fitness centre and others.”

The agents say investing here is worthwhile as sales and rentals have increased in volume and value, with sectional title developments championing the trend. Sectional titles are increasingly supplanting freeholds because of rising demand.

“We’ve seen this through our own listings, especially Firwood Village, which is thriving. Apartments are more in demand than houses in Hazelwood. The sales periods have also been gradually growing through the years as Hazelwood has developed,” says Doeg.

“Hazelwood is the new talk of the town. This has led to more listings coming in. Most new developments in Hazelwood are residential properties located around businesses and trendy restaurants. Residential properties in Hazelwood have appreciated tremendously of late.”

Doeg says most buildings in the Hazelwood area are later developments. “Hazelwood has a more luxurious feel when looking at apartments or houses. You find more modern buildings. Home interiors are modern and luxurious and the surrounding supporting infrastructure is quite new.”

Sectional title offerings range in size from 80m² to 198m² and are marked from R1.54million to R3.7m, says Doeg. Freehold properties range in size from 558m² to 2230m² and sell for between R2.28m and R12m.

It is noteworthy that Hazelwood is a good proposition partly due to the fact it is well-situated providing easy access to main routes that link the area to many centres in Gauteng.

“This is a really good investment area because of the location and all the developments taking place in and around Hazelwood,” says Cronje.

To get your foot in the door here, apply for a “pre-qualified for bond” so you know what you can afford and be in a stronger position to make an offer, agents advise.

They also encourage prospective investors to seek professional advice so they can be informed about all the different costs involved.

“You won’t make a mistake when buying a home in Hazelwood,” they say.

Menlo Park is slightly more affordable; Waterkloof Heights is more expensive.

Pierre Scheepers’s favourite places and things to do

I moved from Rustenburg, and Hazelwood was the perfect and convenient residential location because it is situated close to my workplace in Lynnwood. I also like the friendly people and the environment. It’s an up-and-coming neighbourhood well-suited to young
people. It is trendy, with a selection of restaurants and shops within walking distance of home. – Pierre Scheepers, resident
Picture: Supplied

1 Pretoria Country Club

It’s beautiful and has a great golf course that’s reputed to be one of the best in the country. 241 Sidney Street, Waterkloof. 0124606242

2 Cowfish

The quality of their cuisine is superb and they serve extremely good sushi. They also have a great variety of gourmet burgers I can highly recommend. 11 Hazelwood Road, Hazelwood. 0741118033

Cowfish is popular for its sushi. Picture: John Makoni

3 Hogshead

It’s a great venue to meet for drinks and you can order from a range of terrific cocktails. They have an app you can download for a discount on your first purchase. 18 Dely Road, Hazelwood. 0123463391

4 Hudson’s The Burger Joint

It’s an informal dining environment and ideal for a Sunday takeaway lunch. Club One Shopping Centre, Pinaster Avenue. 0123462619

5 Planet Fitness Signature

Great fitness centre. Pinaster Avenue and 18th Street, Hazelwood. 0120301001 623 on Hazelwood Cash only, happy hour food. 23 Hazelwood Road, Hazelwood. 0123463249


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