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Fireplace fuel producer on offer

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Coega biomass pellet maker under business rescue to be sold

WH Auctioneers has been instructed by the business rescue practitioner to invite tenders for the assets of EC Biomass Fuel Pellets, based in the Coega Industrial Zone, near Port Elizabeth.

Biomass pellets are an environmentally-friendly alternative source of energy used in private homes in Europe. About 285 plants around the world produce about four million tons of these pellets annually.

Established in 2007, EC Biomass Fuel Pellets used forest residue, sawmill waste and alien vegetation from the Eastern Cape and part of the southern Cape as well as scrap wood as raw materials. Initial plans were to export 10000 tons of the product a month to European markets but clearly the slump in the national economy reduced these hopes to ashes.

The plant, now in business rescue, has a wide variety of assets. The lots on offer from WH Auctioneers include a complete biomass fuel pellet manufacturing plant comprising a raw material unloading facility, Beast pallet recycling machine, hammer mills, conveyor systems and walking floor material handlers. Also on offer will be a furnace, dryers, compressors, boilers, Kahl pelletisers, laboratory and testing equipment, transport fleet and a variety of workshop items.

Tenders will close on February 28. Full details are on or call Martin Dibowitz 0212040599.


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