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Entering the world of auctions

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A few hints from the experts...

If you are nervous about buying on auction for the first time, here are a few hints from the experts.

* If possible, attend an auction or two beforehand, so you can experience what goes on and get a feel for the process when you are not a buyer. The unknown can create anxiety, so by attending a few auctions as a spectator you will have removed much of it.

* You will need formal identification to register to bid.

* Following registration, you will receive a bidder’s number which must be clearly displayed when making a bid.

* Position yourself so you have a good view of the other bidders and where you will be seen and heard by the auctioneer.

* Bidding can be made by calling out, raising the hand or any other method you choose, but these bids must be clear to the auctioneer.

* Auctions can be exciting, but sometimes daunting. Stay calm; make clear and decisive bids based on your projected budget. Being overwhelmed by the process can lead to over-extending your budget.

* Don’t be distracted or intimidated by other bidders.

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