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Ensure your home is spick and span

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When selling, keep your property in show condition

While many property sellers appoint estate agents because the agency will carry the costs of marketing their property, they should know they will also need to fork out some cash to help the home sell.

They will also need to provide all the documents relating to the property.

Making a good first impression is vital. Barry Everitt, managing director of the Chas Everitt International property group, says this may mean repainting a property, making minor repairs, or putting new plants in the garden.

“Buyers always pay more for a home that is clearly in move-in condition, so it is worth taking the trouble to prepare your home for sale and give it pavement appeal.”

Everitt also suggests that when a seller gives an agent a mandate to market their home, they provide as much information about the property as they can, as well as documents like floor plans, title deeds and electrical certificates.

“Then go through the marketing plan with your agent to make sure you know which types of buyer are being targeted and why, and how the results will be measured and communicated to you. Your home is a major asset and you don’t want to be kept in the dark about buyer reactions and sale prospects.”

Sellers should always be totally honest with their agents about any negative features of the property as well as the positive aspects, says Everitt.

“Tell your agent why you loved and bought the property, but also about things you would like to have changed and the alterations you did make. All this information will help the agent be better prepared to handle any objections, and to emphasise the positive features of your home to prospective buyers.”

On show days, most sellers know that dead flowers, dirty floors, the smell of cigarettes, unmade beds, unwashed dishes and animal hair and unpleasant odours can dampen potential buyers’ enthusiasm as effectively as cracks or missing roof tiles.

Prospective buyers may ask to view the property at other times, so it pays to keep it in show condition as long as it is on the market. Remove all non-essentials and personal photos and mementos.

“Pack them out of sight or even in a separate storage facility, where they can await removal to your new home. This will make it much easier to clean and tidy every morning to ensure the property is presentable.”


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