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Ed’s letter: Nation steps up

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This week we have asked industry leaders to send messages in the hope of bringing some calm in these stressful times.

In the weeks since we were hit by this pandemic, I have seen banks step up to help out their clients, a cut in the repo rate, some landlords helping share the burden with the retail industry and, all across the country, small community groups being born from Langa to Louis Trichardt to provide support to the more vulnerable in their areas.

We live in a country that has a large poor population, with many not having access to the basics, including running water. In some areas, an outside tap serves 10 families.

These times give us all opportunities to offer help and support. Get on to your local communities on Facebook and WhatsApp groups and see how you can reach out or how, if you are vulnerable yourself, you can be assisted.

We will post more updates throughout the week on our website Property360, and also on our Facebook and Instagram accounts (by the same name). 

Please find us there for news as it breaks. We also have a newsletter that goes out a few times a week in which we will update you on the changing situation. You can subscribe to it on our website.

If you have any questions pertaining to property under Covid-19 please email me at and I will try to find an expert to respond here and will also place them on our online platforms.

Take a deep breath, stay safe and follow guidelines.


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