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Eco-friendly top tips

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Six tips for creating or buying an eco-friendly home

The decreasing cost of green technologies is making it easier for homeowners to retrofit homes, and for builders and developers to incorporate into new homes, says Berry Everitt, chief executive Chas Everitt International property group.

His tips for creating or buying an eco-friendly home are:

1. Go smaller: There is no need to give up the dream of a spacious home, but just ensure there is no wasted space.
2. Use sustainable, local materials: Look out for natural materials like stone, wood and glass, and make sure that bricks, hardware, tiles and roofing materials are sourced as close to the building site as possible
3. Focus on water: Plan for tanks to capture rainwater from your roof that would otherwise go to waste, and for a grey-water system if you can afford it.
4. Go solar: For clean, low-cost energy.
5. Insulate the roof: This will reduce the need for heating in winter and cooling in summer.


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