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Drummond: Businesses operating along the route

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Drummond: Businesses operating along the route

HPSA Southern Africa 

Formerly called Heifer Foundation, HPS Southern Africa is a poverty relief organisation working in South Africa since 2001 and providing rural communities with goats, dairy cows, bees, pigs, sheep and chickens. For each animal received, families agree to pass on the offspring of that animal to another person in need, thus providing communities with the means by which to feed and clothe their families. 

Vuleka Centre 

An ecumenical organisation that seeks to grow human potential and creativity, the Vuleka Centre partners with the local community and other KwaZulu-Natal organisations to uplift poor and marginalised people. 

PheZulu Safari Park 

Established more than 30 years ago, the PheZulu tourist attraction allows visitors to experience Zulu culture through dance, artefacts, traditional thatch housing and an insight into beliefs and rituals. The facility also houses a crocodile and snake park. 

1000 Hills Chef School and Quills Brewery 

Among the top culinary schools in South Africa, the 1000 Hills Chef School teaches recognised City & Guilds chef courses and has trained some of the country’s top chefs. The restaurant and micro-brewery offer both a tourist destination and the opportunity for students to experience the real world. 

Creatures and Critters Pet Shop 

An outer Highway institution, the Creatures and Critters Pet Shop operates as a breeding facility for indigenous and exotic reptiles to supply quality captive-bred animals to the pet trade. It acts as a public point of sale for reptiles, birds, fish and mammals and supplies animals wholesale to other pet shops and dealers.

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