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Count the financial, emotional costs before renovating your home

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Before jumping into a home improvement, ask yourself these questions...

How much will this cost you, and how much value will this add to your home? You’ll need to talk to a contractor about the costs, and an estate agent for an idea about the value.

During a renovation you will be inconvenienced. Consider not only how you will manage without the facilities in the room being renovated, but also the time of year and how uncomfortable you may be during construction.

During the planning, interview many contractors and ask them about their costs, communication style, insurance for possible damage and to provide you with references. Ensure they are accredited.

If you have the original blueprints of your home, plus any plans that include home improvements and additions over the years, offer them to the contractor.

Before starting any kind of work that is going to impact your finances, you should have a contract in place.

Ask for itemised billing as opposed to a lump sum fee for the scope of work.

Never pay in full or upfront. Any contractor who requires this is most likely scamming you.

Be realistic about how much you can do yourself and when you need to call in the professionals.

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