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Constantia: Some place special

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In one of the most historical and oldest suburbs of the Western Cape, homeowners in Constantia find themselves close to a vineyard, next to stables or on the area's lush green belt

Groot Constantia was established by Simon van der Stel in 1685 and is officially the country’s oldest wine producing farm, with Constantia one of the oldest suburbs in the Western Cape.

Properties in Constantia offer a rural charm, and because of their size they afford their residents considerable privacy. This has always appealed to high-end buyers looking for homes with something special – that wow factor. 

Places of interest and things to do in Constantia

This could be a petite vineyard on the property, the idyllic lifestyle of being surrounded by wine farms and stables, or simply the beauty of a historical area with its mountain backdrop.

Mark Bayly and Julia Torrente, Pam Golding Properties agents for Constantia Rural, say Sweet Valley, The Vines, Barbarossa, Deurdrif, Lanstead, Belle Constantia, Firgrove, Constantia Village and Airlie make up their area known as Constantia Rural.

Arie Kadé, Angie Bloom and Lauren Clark of Pam Golding Properties sell properties in Upper Constantia, as well as to the right of Spaanschemat River Road in Rural Constantia.

“Our portion of Constantia still offers good value for money and lovely, well-sized gardens which appeal to families,” say Bayly and Torrente.

A classic family home in Constantia. Picture: Pam Golding Properties
A classic family home in Constantia. Picture: Pam Golding Properties

It is a beautiful area offering a variety of outdoor activities including horse riding, mountain biking and strolls along the green belt. They say they usually sell family homes, with many of the properties in secure estates bought by more mature couples. Homes in Constantia Rural sell for an average of R5.5million. Generally, the properties are listed for upwards of R3.85m for a three-bedroom home, and Pam Golding Properties is currently marketing an exceptional R30m home with an area of more than 14000m².

Kadé, Bloom and Clark say small three-bedroom homes in Upper Constantia start at about R4.5m, although there are not many properties in this price range. The entry level in this market is around R5.6m for something that would need renovation.

“We have a lot of buyers looking around the R10m mark, but stock is scarce at this level,” says Clark. More stock is available in the R20m to R35m price range. These are usually large five to six-bedroom homes either on large plots or in Silverhurst Estate.

The minimum-sized plot in the area used to be 1350m². However, agents are now launching new security developments where plots are about 650m² due to the new sectional title regulations, and these properties are coming to market at between R10.5m and R15m.

Klein Constantia Road highlights well-established gardens and trees providing plenty of shade. Picture: Tracey Adams/ANA Pictures

There is a vast spectrum of properties in Upper Constantia, including some ranging from 0.4ha to 0.8ha plots with large family homes or boutique hotels to commercially-run wine farms, says Clark. The larger properties in the area can range from 8000m² to 24000m², while the wine farms are expansive and vary in size. Upper Constantia also has many impressive homesteads from R50m to R69m.

Agents in Upper Constantia have had a particularly good year to date, with robust activity despite economic challenges. The Western Cape and Cape Metro will always be sought after because of a lifestyle that would be difficult to replicate elsewhere in the world at the same cost, says Clark.

Bayly and Torrente say demand remains high in Constantia Rural, especially at R5m and below. There is significant interest in Constantia from buyers outside Cape Town, especially Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal. Clark says they have also had recent buyers from Zimbabwe.

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