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Cleaning up is good for value

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While local municipalities are responsible for keeping streets clean, homeowners should also take some responsibility for keeping their suburbs in order.

 It is in their best interests to do so, says Adrian Goslett, regional director and chief executive of Re/Max of Southern Africa.

“Property values in a suburb increase if the common areas, such as street and pavements, are well-maintained and residents look after their properties.” He encourages all homeowners to invest in their local community by picking up litter or sweeping up leaves so they don’t block stormwater drains. Goslett says: 

“It is our responsibility to help keep our streets clean and make our suburbs desirable places to live.”

Homeowners can start by taking care of their immediate surroundings. “Call your local municipality to report potholes or burst pipes, let them know when the municipal grounds are in need of mowing, put a brick on the lid of your refuse bin to make sure litter doesn’t fly into the street on bin day, and report suspicious behaviour in your suburb.

“Together, it is our responsibility to help make our suburbs better places to live,” Goslett says.


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