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Clairwood: Existing businesses in the area

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Clairwood: Existing businesses in the area

Logistics companies
Outside the designated new park, logistics companies have been long established in the region, given the accessibility to the port, the old airport and the railway network. Companies include Imperial Retail Logistics, Flexibles Logistics, Monteagle Logistics and Bidvest Panalpina Logistics.

Factory outlets
The preponderance of production and manufacturing facilities in Jacobs and Mobeni also means there are outlet opportunities for companies to have on-site factory shops. These provide customers with the chance to acquire goods at discounted prices either because the goods have minor faults that render them unsuitable for commercial sale or because of factory over-runs. One such goldmine is the Mega Linen Factory Shop.

The Food Lovers Market. Picture: Terry Haywood Photography

Food companies

Proximity to the harbour means various food manufacturers built their facilities in the zone. Some include Nampak DivFood, Albany Bread, Sasko Grain, Beacon Sweets and the Food Lovers Market.

Freight forwarding and shipping
Freight forwarding operators are essential to imports and exports and thus the logistics supply chain. Sebenza Forwarding and Shipping already has premises close to Clairwood Logistics Park and expectations will be for others to follow suit in the near future.

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