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WCPDF urges members to take part in city development priorities

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The Western Cape Property Development Forum urges all members who either own or have clients that own strategic land holdings within Cape Town’s municipal boundaries to read the attached notice from the City of Cape Town.

From November 11 to December 5, the City of Cape Town will be embarking on a comprehensive public engagement process across the metro during which its teams will explain the process regarding the review of the Spatial Development Frameworks (SDFs) for the eight planning districts across Cape Town.

The review of the district SDFs will be based on the Baseline and Analysis Report (BaAR) for each district and will highlight the challenges, needs and opportunities on a local planning level.

“We understand that the BaAR documents will be available on the City’s website by 11 November 2019 and members of the public are requested to provide their comments by 31 January 2020.”


Further rounds of public participation will take place during 2020/2021 when the district SDFs are expected to be finalised.

The WCPDF stresses the importance for all landowners to review and determine how the BaARs relate to their assets and then comment accordingly, as the approved SDFs will feedback into any future updates of the Municipal Spatial Development Framework (MSDF), Integrated Development Plan (IDP) and other critical council steering documents that inform development in the City.

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