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City Improvement District 2018/2019 in numbers

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Safety and security

◆Made 745 arrests.

◆Conducted 105 624 crime prevention initiatives.

◆Issued 11 570 law enforcement fines totalling R5.65m.

◆Assisted at 587 motor vehicle accidents.

◆Assisted with 516 medical and rescue call outs.

◆Dealt with 249 illegal trading offences.

◆Issued 27 974 warnings.

◆Rendered public and vehicle assistance 962 times.

◆Issued 23 478 trafic fines with an estimated value of R14m.

◆Prevention strategy yielded 107 894 interactions. 

Urban management

◆Street sweepers removed 709 tons of litter and waste.

◆58 tons of waste removed from municipal and storm water drains and channels.

◆Undertook 447 road maintenance repairs.

◆Emptied 300 cigarette bins containing 1 763kg of cigarette butts.

◆Identified 3 343 illegal posters.

◆Removed 24 tons of illegally dumped waste.

◆Removed 5 102 strings and stickers. ◆Painted 240 road markings.

◆Removed 2 364 incidents of graffti.

Social development

◆Engaged with clients on the street 4 737 times.

◆Referred 22 adults to Streetscapes and TB HIV Care for work opportunities.

◆Assisted 178 adults to shelters.

◆Conducted 182 interventions with day strollers.

◆Assisted 85 people to health care facilities.

◆Assisted 72 children with preventative services.

◆Assisted 32 mothers with children.

◆Distributed 4 900 care bags to partner NGOs.

◆Distributed 550 pairs of shoes to partner NGOs .


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