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Celeste Roux’s places of interest in Annlin

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Celeste Roux’s places of interest in Annlin

1 Baobab Café & Grill 

Has a rustic feel with a cooling system for hot days. The food is excellent (top left). Shop G01, Wonderboom Junction, Annlin. 012 543 0090

2 Deo Gloria 
This is a steakhouse with a play area. They serve a nice buffet on Sundays, offering an affordable meal. 4 Jonie Street, Annlin. 012 543 9495

3 Local park 
This is fairly big, with a cement cycle track and space for joggers. There’s also free wifi. It’s a popular, multi-cultural get-together venue for the community to play cricket and other sports. Corner Marjoram and Parsley avenues, Annlin

I came here from Cape Town in 1999 and I’m now in my second house in the area. I recently moved to a bigger home. I like it here and I wouldn’t live elsewhere. My son and daughter are now at high school, and both went to primary school in the area. I drop them at school in the morning on my way to work, also here in Annlin. My workplace is about three minutes from home. I used to work in Pretoria Central until two years ago, and it was easy to get to work only if I left before 7am. – Resident Celeste Roux Picture: John Makoni

4 Deon Malherbe swimming pool 

There are lots of trees to spread blankets in the shade and braai while enjoying the water (bottom left). 166 Kannabos Avenue, Wonderboom. 012 567 2175

5 Casbah Roadhouse 

For inside and outside dining.  Lavender Road, Annlin. 012 567 7519

6 Golden Butterfly 

For great Chinese food. Sinoville Corner Shopping Centre, 276 Braam Pretorius Street, Sinoville. 012 567 3343

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