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CAPE TOWN: Our insider’s guide to Ottery

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Suburb which offers convenient shopping centres, several schools, mosques and churches, and is close to the championship-status Royal Golf Club as well as hospitals and recreational opportunities in the city, has a close-knit community which tends to

Ottery centrally located among Cape Town’s southern suburbs, is close to a number of amenities. In the suburb, 84.8% of properties are freehold and14.3% are sectional title units, with a smaller percentage of sectional title units also found in estates, according to Lightstone data.

“Ottery has stable home ownership, with 88% of residents owning homes for 11 years or more. “Often, homeowners who first bought in the area as entry-level buyers will sell to upscale to a larger home nearby,” says Pam Golding area principal, Nazeem Salie.

“Of recent buyers, 50% are aged 18 to 35, indicating the suburb is popular with first-time buyers and young families. A further 33% is 36 to 49. Of sellers, 35% are middle aged (36 to 49) and 31% are 50 to 64.” Of the 38 homes sold in the past year, 28 were priced between R800000 and R1.5 million.

Ottery offers convenient shopping, with several schools, mosques and churches serving an
inter-denominational community. – Nazeem Salie, Pam Golding Area Principal
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Seven were priced from R1.5m to R3m, while one property exceeded R3m. Sectional title properties sold mostly for between R400000 and R800000. Salie says: “Ottery offers three distinct size and price options. Ideal entry-level homes, with two bedrooms and one bathroom, are on average in the R1.1m to R1.2m price bracket. Medium-size properties, with three bedrooms and a pool, go for R1.7m to R1.9m.

Larger homes, with up to five bedrooms and two or three bathrooms, fetch R2m to R2.9m.” Ottery is well situated near the M5, in easy reach of shopping centres and medical facilities, while the championship-status Royal Cape Golf Club, established in 1885, is nearby.

The suburb offers convenient shopping, several schools, mosques and churches, catering to an inter-denominational community. “It’s the convenience and sense of community which has kept us in Ottery for more than 20 years,” says teacher and resident Michelle Rhode.

“I teach in Wynberg and it can take under 10 minutes to get to work. We are a short commute to some of the best shopping, restaurants, coffee shops and recreational opportunities in Cape Town. “Our neighbourhoods are extremely close-knit. 

Michelle Rhode’s favourite places and things to do

We are a short commute from some of the best shopping, restaurants, coffee shops and
recreational opportunities in Cape Town. – Michelle Rhode, resident
Picture: Supplied

1 Outdoors

The southern suburbs are ideally suited to running and walking. Spartan Harriers, established in 1901, is a great place to get started. They host 12-week beginners’ courses and aim to have you walking or running 10km by conclusion. Enjoy the camaraderie of belonging to a club. 0832594648

2 Eat

Established in 1976, Aneesa’s, known as “the home of viennas and chips”, is famous for its Gatsbys. Their full-house iteration is a monster comprising masala steak, three to four slices of cheese, hot chips, salad and secret spices. 0217975682.

Rossmead Fisheries (opposite Makro) has been in the same family for almost 20 years. On top of the traditional deepfried offerings, they have introduced grilled options.

3 Drink

For live music and a chilled atmosphere, the Pizza Shack on Enslin Road is hard to beat.

4 Shop

If gardening is your thing, Hart Nursery is for you. They are 100% certified organic, which means no artificial herbicides or pesticides are used there. The nursery has a sustainable eco-system in operation, complete with chameleons, snails and other creatures doing the pest-control work. They have been at the same premises for 30 years. Single seedlings are available. 0217038689

You can buy single seedlings from Hart Nursery, which is great if you don’t have lots of space or seek variety. Picture: Tracey Adams/African News Agency (ANA)


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