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Call for residents to santise their bins before collections

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The government has designated waste collection an essential service under the Disaster Management Act but it can’t manage this alone, says Brindha Roberts, head of sustainability at Averda.

“Everyone should take personal responsibility for the sensible disposal of their waste and for preventing the spread of Covid-19, supported by existing government structures.”

This is in line with requests from some municipalities that communities sanitise bins put out for collection – both before and after collection.

The rationale behind this that waste collectors touch many bins in a day’s work, meaning that they are at greater risk of contracting Covid-19 from the multiple touch points that they encounter, and that if they have the virus, they can pass it on to many households.

“To disinfect your bin, you can use a regular hand sanitiser – 70% alcohol is recommended for Covid-19 – or you can use a household bleach.”


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