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JOBURG: Our insider’s guide to Parkview

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In real estate circles Parkview is generally considered to be one of Joburg’s most popular suburbs that continues to perform consistently, even in the wake of downturns in the economy and unfavourable market conditions

We refer  to Parkview as an evergreen suburb, Antonina Selina of Ennik Estates says of this popular spot. “However, Joburg property prices in general are too low and are due for a correction,” she says.

“Simply put, it’s a good time to buy right now.” Selina says there are about 50 properties on the market in Parkview, which amounts to just over 5% of the entire neighbourhood – a statistic that should be seen as healthy. A landmark property in Parkview recently sold for a record R12.75 million in under 100 days, says Selina.

Lately, they have seen entry-level properties sit for many months on the market, although the average sale period is calculated at 60 to 90 days. Selina describes Parkview as well-suited to anyone seeking a “care-for-your-neighbour” lifestyle, and says there are various reasons for its perennial popularity.

“The obvious choice must be its unquestionable sense of community, something that developed over many years, driven by the active residents’ association,” she says. Parkview is also a neighbourhood with a good range of heritage, character-filled, modern and quirky homes that were built in the 1920s and 1930s, many of which have since been renovated.

“The attractive heritage architecture, mixed with some modern flair, attracts a wide variety of people from young corporate families and mature journalists to international artists,” says Selina.

The attractive heritage architecture, mixed with some modern flair, attracts a wide variety of people from young corporate families to mature journalists and international artists
– Antonina Selina, estate agent, Ennik Estates
Picture: Supplied

“The beauty of Parkview is its ability to attract modest people who carry thick wallets. “Entry-level (full renovation required) properties will start at R3m and top out at R7m. The average is R4m.”

Selina says most stand sizes are 1 020m², although one will also find the odd 4000m² property “The more desirable roads and locations are the middle blocks of Kilkenny, Kerry and Galway, between Kildare and Wicklow. And our personal favourite of course, Armagh,” she says.

“You are also zoned for some of Joburg’s finest and most respected schools. “You will see many pupils walking to and from school daily, something that is rarely seen elsewhere these days.”

Parkview is close to good schools and to Johannesburg Zoo and Zoo Lake. Picture: Karen Sandison/African News Agency(ANA)

When prospective buyers are hunting for homes in Parkview, Selina says one would be advised to take one’s time to see as many properties as possible as this will enable them to identify the better locations and assist with values. “It’s never a bad idea to opt for a basic home inspection which covers structure, damp, roof and plans,” she says.

“The other smaller issues are part of the character of older homes.” Properties and setups similarly valued to those in Parkview would be found in Parkwood and Parktown North, says Selina.

Theresa Gibbon’s favourite places and things to do

I love living in Parkview because it has a responsive and kind community. People here look after each other. The Parkview Residents’ Association, of which I’m a committee member, is active in the area. The suburb is also convenient as I can take my laptop and walk to the local coffee shop to work. – Theresa Gibbon, Committee member Parkview Residents’ Association Picture: Supplied


It’s a nice coffee shop. The staff know me and greet me by name. 66 Tyrone Avenue, Parkview. 0116468639


They sell fruit and vegetables as well as flowers. The service is excellent. 56 Tyrone Avenue, Parkview. 0116465429


This is a great community library. Corner Tyrone Avenue, 51 Athlone Road, Parkview. 0116463375

Parkview coffee shops are popular. Picture: Karen Sandison/African News Agency(ANA)


This is a landmark in the area and a great place for meeting friends.


Good for children, casual and cosy. Upper Level, Office No 7, Parkview Centre, 54 Tyrone Avenue, Parkview. 0116465449


Great for groups and casual. 66 Tyrone Avenue, Parkview. 0116463634

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